Brake Pads & Wear Indicators

Layered solution (underlayer)

Friction materials used in the production of pads are composed of high quality raw materials, resins and lubricants, strengthened by the use of different compounds in order to obtain an optimal result for each application.

Intelligent noise reduction

Screeching brakes are an annoying noise.

Our anti-vibration plate allows the pad to move during the most intense use, offering perfect insulation of noise and vibration.

Anti-vibration plate

Our anti-vibration plate, made of layers of metal and rubber fibre, is adhered with extreme precision to the surface of the brake pad.

This combination of materials allows far greater flexibility and effectiveness of noise reduction compared to metal alone.

Wear Indicators

- Each wear indicator is individually tested and is shielded from electrical interference

- When necessary, it is combined with the pad for perfect compatibility

Brake Discs & Drums

Product efficiency

We have brake discs and drums available for every car and model, from classic cars to the latest news. All with monthly range updates. For each make and model it is necessary to make modifications to respect the original characteristics in order to obtain the exact quality.

Best aesthetics for product longevity

We provide black hat discs, or commonly said, coated. This avoids presence of rust and consumption.

Double rectification

Allow greater friction and resistance. Cast iron ins the material used, it is solid and heat resistant. We respect original weights and thicknesses not to lose quality.

Brake Shoes

Special formula

Each car model needs the brake shoe with the appropriate specifications. We are able to supply the shoe with the correct friction material for each vehicle model. We produce and checks each shoe in order to obtain performance similar to the original ones.

Grinded for a high coefficient of friction

Contrary to brake pressure, the jaws work on the drum with a friction surface almost double compared to brake pads, this feature imposes a high mechanical strength to adhesive part with which the friction material is fixed, at the same time, the material itself must guarantee an optimal friction coefficient, trying to prevent blockages as much as possible.

Automatic register

Brake shoes are equipped with an automatic log to provide a high strength register. The printed register corrects wear and avoids general braking problems.

Spring Kit

Complete and ready to use spring kit for the correct brake shoes.

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